St. Patrick’s Day Tampa - Visit Tampa Bay

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Every year, Tampa’s mayor invites residents and visitors to the River O’Green Fest to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Tampa. Hosted in downtown’s iconic Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, this signature event is a charming celebration of all things Irish along the Hillsborough Riverwalk.

Among the seven US cities known for dying a river green, Tampa is a relative newcomer. Chicago started this inspired St. Patrick’s Day tradition in 1961, followed by San Antonio seven years later.

Going Green on Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

The Hillsborough River is the perfect backdrop for the Irish-themed party with its waters transformed into a vivid shade of green for the occasion. Crowds of revelers will be similarly clad in emerald hues during the free-spirited celebration that includes live entertainment, games, kid’s activities, food trucks, and the always-popular green beer.

St. Patrick’s Day Tampa - Visit Tampa Bay

Photo Courtesy of Visit Tampa Bay

St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

As one of Florida’s best St. Patrick’s Day parties, the Mayor’s River O’Green Fest turns the Hillsborough Riverwalk into a day-long adventure brimming with shamrock and the luck of the Irish. Activities include the River O’ Green Gallop, Scavenger Hunt and Leprechaun Costume Contest. The pet-friendly family event traditionally starts at 11:00 am.

St. Patrick’s Day Tampa - St Patricks Dog
Love Waterfront Luxury Living? You’re in Luck!

Minutes from downtown Tampa, Marina Pointe’s luxury waterfront condominiums from the mid-$700,000s are now available in the heart of the Westshore Marina District, where residents can walk to shops, dine on the water and enjoy a state-of-the-art marina and boat slips on their doorstep. Contact 813-344-4753 or schedule a private appointment at the sales gallery at 4900 Bridge St., Tampa, FL 33611 for more information.

Marina Pointe Construction - Groundbreaking

Master developer BTI Partners hosted a special groundbreaking event to celebrate the start of Marina Pointe construction on Tampa luxury condos, as well as the 150-slip marina and impressive retail center for Westshore Marina District, the surrounding walkable waterfront community.

Present for the festive occasion were Tampa Mayor Jane Castor, BTI Partners CEO Noah Breakstone and COO Kevin Mays, local dignitaries, construction and retail partners, and buyers and brokers.

Prior to the formal groundbreaking, preliminary marina and site work commenced in late 2019. Initial tower move-in for Marina Pointe Tampa is anticipated to take place within 24 months, and the retail experience of Westshore Marina District will begin delivery in the first quarter of 2021.

Marina Pointe Construction - Program

Project Status Report

The first tower will feature contemporary towers and townhomes overlooking an impressive deepwater marina, the largest currently under construction on Florida’s West Coast, which provides immediate access to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Marina Landings places Tampa’s finest in-town, on-the-water lifestyle just moments from residents’ doorsteps, including Cru Cellars wine bar and shop, Duckweed Urban Market boutique grocery, DRNK Coffee Shop + QWENCH Juice Bar, Crave Spa, Salon Color Bar, Sand Surf Co and more. A newly announced boat-up dining destination, Paloma, will also lie a short stroll away from the condominiums via a Westshore Marina District’s waterfront promenade.

“We are thrilled to initiate groundbreaking construction on this one-of-a-kind project and look forward to seeing Marina Pointe and the Westshore Marina District come to life over the next 24 months,” said Kevin Mays, Chief Operating Officer of BTI Partners in a special statement.

“Marina Pointe and the Westshore Marina District represent an unparalleled residential experience here in Tampa, incorporating luxury condominiums, boat slips and boutique shopping, dining and retail services all in the heart of a walkable coastal neighborhood.”

Marina-Pointe Construction Construction - Location
Tampa Luxury Condos

Marina Pointe is the one and only new marina-front development under construction in the area, with prices currently ranging from the mid-$700,000s to the $2,000,000s for Tampa luxury condos.

Each contemporary, flow-through floorplan features floor-to-ceiling glass walls and windows with breathtaking views of the bay and city, as well as premium European-style cabinetry, world-class Sub-Zero and Wolf kitchen appliances, spa-like Owner’s Suites and much more.

Residents will enjoy exclusive amenities such as an elevated pool deck, world-class fitness center, and private club outfitted with its own bar, catering kitchen and gracious dining and entertaining room. The ideal location at the intersection of Gandy and South West Shore Boulevards offers Tampa real estate just moments away from the vibrant downtowns of both Tampa and St. Petersburg.

For more information about these Tampa luxury condos, call 813-379-9589 or visit the sales gallery at 4900 Bridge St., Tampa, FL 33609.

Luxury Boat Maintenance - Dock Hand

Marina Pointe’s setting in the heart of the Westshore Marina District makes the area an ideal luxury boating destination, placing contemporary condos alongside a state-of-the-art deepwater marina.

When owners purchase one of the marina’s 150 slips, they enjoy unobstructed access to the sparkling waters of Tampa Bay as well as a full complement of on-site concierge boat services and boat maintenance.

Luxury Boat Maintenance - Concierge Services
Marina Concierge Services

Marina concierge services are designed to anticipate residents’ needs and enhance their on-the-water lifestyle. A marina concierge ensures every boat or yacht is carefully serviced, detailed and prepared for launch by the time the owner is ready to set sail. They can also provision each vessel with food, drinks and fuel.

Overview of traditional marina concierge services:

  • Fuel
  • Detailing
  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • Food and Beverage

All yacht concierge services will be provided by an exclusive and expert retailer, who will soon be announced.

Luxury Boat Maintenance - Slips
Boat Maintenance

As part of the concierge experience, Marina Pointe residents’ boats and yachts will receive standard maintenance and launch prep. Vessels 40 feet or larger tend to sit in water full-time and require regular care and upkeep, particularly in corrosive saltwater environments.

Basic boat maintenance includes the following:

General Washing and Cleaning

All visible elements on the exterior of the yachts should generally be washed and cleaned every 2-4 weeks. A thorough exterior cleaning ranges from removing canvas covers and wiping down upholstery to polishing metal fixtures and scrubbing woodwork. Interior cleanings involve dusting, cleaning countertops, toilets, sinks and more.

Underwater Cleaning

Manufacturers recommend having the bottom of a boat or yacht cleaned once a month, but owners may want to have this done more frequently in warm water areas like Tampa Bay. Standard underwater sessions involve a diver cleaning the hull from the water line and below, ensuring that all barnacles, algae and marine life are completely removed, and confirming that the running gear below the water is also free of barnacle growth. Maintaining a clean hull will maximize a vessel’s life span and improve its performance and efficiency.

System Check

Much like a fine automobile, a boat or yacht’s internal systems – air conditioning, pumps, exhaust, batteries, fuels and lubrication, and so on – should be reviewed regularly. Air conditioning maintenance is particularly important in Florida’s humid climate, and it’s likely that A/C lines will need to be flushed at least every six months.

Some owners may be comfortable doing some or all of the system check themselves. Others may prefer to have a professional complete a comprehensive check, provide a service report summary and recommend next steps.

Luxury Boat Maintenance - Townhouses
Launch Your Waterfront Lifestyle at Marina Pointe

Marina Pointe’s luxury waterfront condominiums from the mid-$700,000s are now available in the heart of the Westshore Marina District, where residents can walk to shops, dine on the water and enjoy a state-of-the-art marina and boat slips on their doorstep.  Contact (813) 344-4753 or schedule a private appointment at the sales gallery at 4900 Bridge St, Tampa, FL 33611 for more information.

Yacht Basin and Marina – Marina Infographic

Marina Pointe’s luxury condos and the surrounding walkable waterfront community overlook the newest deepwater yacht basin and marina under construction on Florida’s West Coast, which can accommodate vessels from 35-100 feet in length, but what does “deepwater” mean for residents and boaters? Browse our guide to the depths of Tampa Bay below.

How Deep is Tampa Bay?

Tampa Bay is the largest open-water estuary in the state of Florida, encompassing nearly 400 square miles and bordering Hillsborough, Manatee and Pinellas counties. Tampa Bay’s depth chart maxes out at an average of 12 feet, although there are deeper pockets that can reach up to 82 feet.

The relatively shallow water allows for the growth of large sea grass beds and mangrove-dominated wetlands, which provide ideal habitats for more than 200 species of fish, 25 different species of birds, beloved marine mammals such as bottlenose dolphins and manatees, and a wide variety of marine invertebrates.

All this fantastic Florida wildlife makes Tampa Bay boating a truly enthralling experience. From Marina Pointe’s state-of-the-art yacht basin, residents can glide directly into open bay waters and enjoy swimming in the warm blue-green waters, fishing for snook and spotted sea trout, or watching dolphins frolic in their wake.

Other aquatic activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking, jet skiing and more are also very popular with Bay-area locals – you never know when you might spot the black-tipped fin of a baby reef shark as it chases fish around the sandy shallows, or drift past a manatee munching on the sea grass beds!

Yacht Basin and Marina – Marina Life

Since Tampa Bay is naturally so shallow, the smooth silty bottom has been been carefully dredged to form shipping channels and marinas. This allows large ships and yachts to pass safely into the Port of Tampa and other local harbors and basins, including Marina Pointe’s yacht basin marina. The largest shipping channel in the region is an impressive 43 feet deep and 40 miles long, while Marina Pointe’s deepwater harbor has a 15-foot channel and ranges from 8-12 feet throughout the basin, accommodating larger and more luxurious vessels up to 100 feet in length.

Tampa Bay Depth Chart

Yacht Basin and Marina – Marina Depth

Set Sail on Tampa Bay at Marina Pointe

Marina Pointe’s luxury condominiums from the mid-$700,000s are now available overlooking the sparkling waters of Tampa Bay. These contemporary residences present you with the opportunity to walk to shops, dine on the water and have a state-of-the-art marina and boat slips on your doorstep.  Contact (813) 344-4753 or schedule a private appointment at the sales gallery at 4900 Bridge St, Tampa, FL 33611 for more information.

Buying a yacht – Marina Docks

Buying a yacht may seem like an intimidating task, especially for first-time purchasers. Price, speed, style and use are all significant considerations that have to be taken into account before you even set foot in a boatyard or a broker’s office… fortunately, we’ve created a simple guide with highlights to keep in mind as you consider buying a yacht.

Marina Pointe represents the ultimate waterfront residential opportunity for luxury yacht owners, offering an impressive selection of contemporary condominiums overlooking the largest and only new deepwater marina currently under construction on Florida’s West Coast. The 150-slip marina is available exclusively to residents and can accommodate vessels from 40 feet to 90 feet in length, providing unobstructed access to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Browse to read our basic guide for avid boaters (or hobbyists) looking to purchase their first luxury yacht and experience Tampa’s premier yachting lifestyle at Marina Pointe.

Buying a yacht – Yacht Docked

Defining a Yacht

A yacht can be generally defined as any luxury recreational watercraft over 35 feet – yachts typically feature a comfortable interior with at least one cabin, bathroom, a galley (kitchen) and a saloon (seating area). Outside of the United States, these vessels are further qualified as either sailing or motor yachts depending on the method of propulsion.

When it comes to differentiating yachts vs boats, one usually considers that a yacht is larger and more luxurious than a boat and includes more amenities. “Boat” is a much broader, colloquial term that can be used to describe anything from a police boat to a personal fishing craft. 

Buying a yacht – Marina at Dusk
Style and Size in Yacht Buying

Before your search for a yacht begins, it’s important to define what kind of vessel you’re looking for and how you anticipate using it. Yacht sizes range from sleek 35-40 feet to a sprawling 200 feet or more, which is a broad size spectrum that can be further broken down into regular yachts and superyachts (any yacht over 100 feet).

Speed and style are also key considerations – are you seeking leisurely Sunday cruises around Tampa Bay with family and friends or do you need something with a little more stamina and horsepower for long-distance solo voyages?

And are you interested in a luxury yacht brand with a classic nautical appearance, like Hinckley or Hunt, or are you seeking a vessel with the smooth ultramodern lines of a Princess or Viking?

Buying a yacht – Overhead Yacht

Enlist a Yacht Broker

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to buying a yacht and much like working with a real estate broker to purchase a home, getting help from a professional, respected yacht broker can really streamline the yacht buying process.

A broker will evaluate your requirements, including price and size, and can even help determine your yachting style. They’ll compare different yacht makes and models – new or pre-owned – and review the advantages of each, set up yacht showings, and arrange sea trials.

Marina Pointe residents who are interested in buying a new or pre-owned yacht will have easy access to local yacht brokers, thanks to Marina Pointe’s convenient location just moments away from the downtowns of both Tampa and St. Pete. These broker showrooms typically showcase an impressive selection of the best yachts to buy, including Viking, Princess, Prestige, Cruisers and Maritimo Yachts.

Buying a yacht – Yacht on the water

Cruise into Tampa’s Premier Yachting Address

Experience a luxury yachting lifestyle unlike any other in Marina Pointe’s new luxury condominiums, ideally situated on the shores of Tampa Bay overlooking an all-new marina with slips available exclusively for owners. Call (813) 344-4752 or visit our sales gallery for the best pricing and selection.


Embark on an aerial tour of the Westshore Marina District Tampa, the walkable waterfront community surrounding Marina Pointe’s luxury condominium towers. Envisioned by master developer BTI Partners, this exciting new project will offer residents of the Marina Pointe condos immediate access to the 150-slip Westshore Marina, Marina Landings retail center, boat-up restaurant, landscaped trails and so much more.

Soar Above the Rooftops of the Westshore Marina District

Future Marina Pointe residents will be welcomed to their home in the Westshore Marina District via a beautifully landscaped main entrance on Gandy Boulevard, which serves as the main corridor between the vibrant cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Tampa is currently extending its high-speed elevated expressway to the median of Gandy Boulevard, an enhancement that will conveniently reduce traffic and congestion.

Drive, bike or stroll along Bridge Street, a palm tree-lined avenue that runs through the heart of the community and passes the soon-to-be announced restaurant immediately to the right of the entrance and continues past apartments and townhomes with designs inspired by the coastal locale.

In the video, it is clear to see that Westshore Marina District construction is well underway and residents are already enjoying South Tampa’s newest waterfront lifestyle.

The rotunda just beside the future site of the Marina Landings retail center features a minimalist public art piece that draws the eye even from an aerial view. From here, residents can continue straight on past Inlet Park at Westshore Marina to Tyson Avenue – a new and incredibly popular restaurant called Salt Shack on the Bay is located at the very end of Tyson, within easy walking or driving distance from Marina Pointe – or turn right to reach Marina Pointe.


A Home for Your Boat, a Home For You

As shown in the aerial footage and Westshore Marina District site plan renderings, Marina Pointe’s towers will soar above the Westshore Marina Tampa.

Having this state-of-the-art marina right on the doorstep allows boat owners to cruise from their home onto the open waters of Tampa Bay and beyond, making this lifestyletotally unique from any other community on Florida’s west coast. The all-new destination also includes a waterfront promenade and will soon feature even more landscaped trails perfectly suited for sunset strolls and morning jogs.

Each contemporary, flow-through floorplan showcases premium appliances, oversized balconies ideally suited for relaxation and entertainment, and stunning floor-to-ceiling views of Tampa and the bay.

Luxurious residential amenities include a spacious resort-style deck with pool and spa, well-appointed private Pointe Club, and a fully equipped wellness center. And of course the Westshore Marina District’s finest retail and dining are just a few moments away, from Cru Cellars’ chic wine bar to Duckweed Urban Grocery’s boutique market.

Discover Your New Address

The Westshore Marina District represents one of the most popular and exciting new neighborhoods in South Tampa, with Marina Pointe ideally positioned as its premier residential opportunity. These luxurious condos feature breathtaking views, unrivaled amenities and exceptional waterfront values starting from the $700,000s.

Contact (813)-344-4753 or visit the sales gallery at 4900 Bridge St, Tampa, FL 33611 for more information or to schedule your own private tour of the site and the district. Hurry in for best pricing, selection and views!


The kitchen is
widely considered the heart of the home, and Marina Pointe’s spacious gourmet kitchens have been thoughtfully designed to serve as a sophisticated setting for dining and entertainment. These kitchens will showcase residents’ culinary skills and fuel cooking confidence with high-end kitchen appliances from Sub-Zero and Wolf set amid contemporary finishes such as European-style cabinetry and quartz countertops.

Beauty and function intertwine in every one of Sub-Zero and Wolf’s professional kitchen appliances, which are assembled and designed with superior-grade engineering and components to ensure maximum durability and reliability.


Sub-Zero Refrigeration – HighEnd Appliances
The superior Sub-Zero double wide refrigerator provides fresher, longer-lasting food through innovation and a suite of preservation technologies. Its dual refrigeration system maintains proper humidity and temperature and eliminates frost and freezer burn, and a NASA-inspired air purification system keeps food as delicious as it was on day one.

Residents could use their Sub-Zero appliance in impressive variations, including preserving fresh organic produce from Duckweed Urban Market in the nearby Marina Landings retail center or freezing a prime catch from the waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.


Wolf – Gourmet Stoves and Kitchen Ranges

Seasoned veterans, eager beginners and everyone in-between will enjoy delicious results from Wolf’s highend kitchen ranges. Every Wolf gourmet stove and convection oven isbuilt with the performance durability, premium-grade materials and logical features that professional chefs require. This guarantees that home cooks experience the same impressive levels of performance as chefs in the world’s finest restaurants.

Wolf even provides gourmet chef assistance, placing dozens of tested preset programs at users’ fingertips with Gourmet Mode. Explore their website to get a taste of the endless array of mouthwatering dishes that can be prepared to perfection with Wolf.

On the Menu at Marina Pointe
Residents are sure to enjoy serving fresh and memorable meals in their new waterfront home with a little help from the experts at Sub-Zero and Wolf, which has stood as one of the nation’s best kitchen appliance brands for more than 80 years.

Marina Pointe’s luxury condominiums from the $700,000s are now available in the heart of the Westshore Marina District, where you can walk to shops, dine on the water and have a state-of-the-art marina and boat slips on your doorstep. Contact (813) 344-4753 or schedule a private appointment at the sales gallery at 4900 Bridge St, Tampa, FL 33611 for more information

BTI Partners has announced the arrival of Paloma, a waterfront restaurant that will soon be located at the grand entrance of Westshore Marina District. Paloma promises to become a destination waterfront restaurant for boaters and residents of the district, and will be the first locally owned and operated restaurant of this scale in the South Tampa area.

Westshore Marina District is a 52-acre master-planned community overlooking one of the largest yacht basins on Tampa Bay, and Marina Pointe’s luxury condominiums are the premier residential opportunity within this walkable waterfront neighborhood. 

Paloma will also be the only waterfront restaurant in Tampa Bay with a second-level indoor and outdoor dining area overlooking the yacht basin on Tampa Bay. Click the link below for more details about this delicious new addition to the Westshore Marina District’s retail offering, just steps away from Marina Pointe’s doorstep.

When you live in one of Marina Pointe’s luxury waterfront condos, many of the most unique things to do in Tampa will be just minutes from your front door. Residents can enjoy Tampa Bay’s sunny, mild winters in seasonal style with a variety of special activities in and around town, including the popular Winter Village Tampa, exciting Tampa Bay ice skating and vibrant Tampa Christmas lights.


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Tampa’s Magical Winter Wonderland

Enjoy holiday shopping, dining and more during the city’s annual “Winter Village at Curtis Hixon Park” celebration. Situated on the Downtown Tampa Riverwalk in bustling Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, the Winter Village is broken out into three sections:

  • The Shops
  • The Rink
  • The Dining

Shopping in Winter Village

This “pop-up” holiday shopping experience features 10 boutiques from local artisans and merchants, showcasing decorative goods, apparel, handmade toys, jewelry and more.

Shoppers are invited to explore this market-style layout and discover something special for everyone on their list!

Outdoor Ice Skating in Tampa

Strap on a pair of skates and ice skate under the palm trees at Downtown Tampa’s only outdoor ice rink; a wintry waterfront tradition with sweeping views of the Tampa Riverwalk and Hillsborough River. Skate rentals are available on-site and tickets include 90 minutes of uninterrupted skating.

Dining in Tampa’s Winter Village

Taste the spirit of the holiday season at the exclusive “Icicle Craft Kitchen” or take a break from the Winter Village’s shopping and skating at one of the Riverwalk’s nearby restaurants.

A series of special events also take place at the Winter Village Tampa each year, including themed “Winter Village Express” rides on the TECO Line Streetcar, the City of Tampa Tree Lighting, Friends of the Riverwalk Lighted Boat Parade and charitable “Winter Wonder Ride.” Visit their website for details.


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Tampa Bay’s Enchanted Ice Skating Rink

This holiday season, unwrap new traditions at the brightest new addition to Tampa Bay’s ice skating scene. Just across the bay from Marina Pointe, Enchant Christmasisbringing winter magic to St. Pete’s Tropicana Field with a custom ice skating trail, the world’s largest light maze and a European-style Christmas market.

  • The Trail – Skate along a sparkling river of ice through glowing archways and spectacular, larger-than-life holiday light displays. Ice skate rentals are available on-site.
  • The MazeEnter this luminous “living storybook” of stunning sculptures and wind your way through to the 80-foot pine tree at its heart. This towering evergreenpromises to outshine New York City’s famously festive Rockefeller Center tree.
  • The Market – Browse an impressive array of decorated stalls featuring 40 local and international vendors. Once you’ve found the perfect stocking stuffers, be sure to sample a selection of hand-crafted foods and drinks designed just for St. Pete’s “Enchant” event.

Other Bay-area skating rinks where future residents, families and friends can enjoy this frosty activity include Clearwater Ice Arena and the Ice Sports Forum near Brandon. Visit the websites to see the current public skating schedule.


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Tampa’s Brightest Lights

Beyond Enchant St. Pete and the annual Winter Village, locals and visitors seeking a new view of the Tampa Christmas lights can hop aboard downtown Tampa’s distinctive Pirate Water Taxi for a “River of Lights” holiday cruise.

Glide along the Hillsborough River on this one-of-a-kind tour of illuminated bridges and downtown decorations, accompanied by a whimsical narrator and a troupe of Dickens Carolers.

This waterfront experience is a unique thing to do in Tampa that spreads holiday cheer up and down the river for 45 magical minutes and includes a complimentary hot chocolate and holiday cookie.

Walking in a Waterfront Winter Wonderland

Discover a refreshing new way to spend the winter with a residence at Marina Pointe, luxury waterfront condominiums located in the heart of South Tampa’s walkable Westshore Marina District. This address represents Tampa Bay’s premier waterfront residential opportunity, allowing homeowners to stroll to shops, dine on the water and step right outside to a state-of-the-art marina and boat slips. Call (813) 344-4752 or visit our sales gallery at 4900 Bridge St, Tampa, FL 33611 for best selection, pricing and views. Condos start from the $700,000s.


BTI Partners’ Noah Breakstone recently spoke with Breezin’ News about the Tampa Bay area’s incredible real estate potential, as well as BTI’s high-profile Westshore Marina District and Marina Pointe developments.

The main highlight of the 52-acre Westshore Marina District is Marina Pointe’s luxury waterfront condominiums, with prices starting in the $700,000s. The first tower has already pre-sold more than 40 of the 120 waterfront condominium residences, and this activity and positive response “shows that Noah’s confidence and optimism in this market are right where they need to be; firmly fixed on developing sites for future projects throughout the Tampa Bay area.”

Read the full profile on pages 34-37 at the link below.