Five Perks of Buying Preconstruction in a Hot Market

Five Perks of Buying Preconstruction in a Hot Market

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We know it. Home shoppers know it. Tampa is one of the best cities to live in. Tampa was listed by Zillow as 2022’s hottest market, beating other major cities including Phoenix, Arizona, and Austin, Texas. For Tampa natives, they knew it was only a matter of time before people discovered the dazzling appeal of this hidden gem. The city has seen impressive developments, substantial growth, and in turn, a consistent rise in property value that continues to draw attention.  


According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Tampa has quickly jumped into second place as the most popular relocation destination, attracting out-of-state home buyers who realize they can get more for their money in Florida. Because of increasing excitement and competition, finding and securing your dream home in Tampa can be a challenge. Avoid bidding wars and find a home you can make your own by following these tips below.  


Check out the 5 reasons why you should buy a preconstruction home in Tampa Bay.  


1. Buying Early Means the Best Selection 

In preconstruction, the early birds get the best prices and the best residences. When you buy early in a newly built community, you have more variety to choose from in terms of floorplans and features. At Marina Pointe, buying early means not only will you have first pick of our luxury residences and layouts, but you’ll also get first choice of the best panoramic city and water views this side of Tampa. You’ll also have your first pick of one of our newly constructed, private boat docks at an unbeatable price. In this case, first is best.  


2. Great Value, Great Investment 

Preconstruction homes behave very similarly to the future markets. If you buy at today’s price in an area that is continuing to develop, especially in the upcoming Tampa market, your purchase will most likely appreciate in the future, giving a greater return on your investment.  


3. Locking in a New Home in a Hot Market  

 Because preconstruction homes are in the development stage, they typically have a fixed price. With resale homes, builders can bloat prices to pit buyers against each other and ramp up the demand. Avoid heated bidding wars, multiple offer situations, and competitive price influxes by buying preconstruction. Skip the haggling and spend more time planning your new life and saving a little extra money while your home is being completed.  


4. The Latest and Greatest Design  

As opposed to a resale home, you’ll be getting the latest and greatest in architectural trends and, if you’re interested in a private community lifestyle, you’ll have the advantage of state-of-the-art amenities and added security. When the Marina Pointe development is complete, three glorious towers unlike anything else in the area will rise elegantly above the waves overlooking the city of Tampa Bay, with final touches currently being made to Tower One.  


5. Less Hassle, More of What You Want  

New homes are untouched; they are a blank canvas to make completely your own. Go to sleep with peace of mind knowing your home has only ever been yours. You’ll never have to rip up offensive carpeting or replace outdated kitchen appliances. You’ll also have more time to plan your customizations and establish décor or take advantage of our many amenities. Marina Pointe has the best coastal luxuries including heated pools, private boat slips, a private massage studio, an indoor golf simulator, and more. 


If you’re interested in moving into luxury this year, limited residences remain in Tower One or learn more about Tower Two and plan for the future. You can make Tampa your coastal playground at Marina Pointe. 

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