Westshore Marina Map

Discover Tampa’s new Westshore Marina District

Click on each number of the interactive site map below to learn more about the elements that make up this stunning master-planned community designed to give you a fresh, contemporary environment for water-inspired living, shopping, dining, and recreation.

The Westshore Marina District is just minutes away from both Tampa & St. Pete hotspots by both car and boat. Within the District, popular modes of transportation include walking, roller blading, biking, and golf carts.


  1. Marina Pointe Waterfront Condominiums
  2. Marina Pointe Deepwater Marina
  3. Sunset Pointe Park
  4. Guest Dock
  5. Waterfront Restaurant & Bar
  6. Community Grand Entrance
  7. Sales Center and Future Retail
  8. “The Town” by Related
  9. WCI Luxury Homes
  10. Town Center with Market, Café, and Retail Shops
  11. District Rotunda with Art Installation
  12. Conservation Pond with Jogging Trails
  13. Bainbridge at Westshore Marina District
  14. Gated Entrance to Marina Pointe
  15. Park Promenade

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