The Importance of Location When Buying a New Condo

Today, city living is highly desired among young professionals and people looking to downsize. When it comes to purchasing a new condominium, location is one of the first things people discuss. Easy commutes, surrounding attractions, and excellent schools are all vital to a buyer’s real estate choices. This article will give you several reasons why location matters when selecting a luxury condo in Tampa.


Everyone is looking for a way to make life simpler. Where you live greatly impacts your commute to work, school, and the local grocery store. The places you travel to daily should not become a source of inconvenience or stress. Access to major highways and other means of transportation shaves time off commutes.


Now more than ever, people are investing in their own health and wellness and they are also concerned about the health of the environment. For this reason, a neighborhood’s walkability factor is extremely important to home buyers. Opportunities to walk and ride a bike to complete errands, walk the dog, or exercise is highly desirable.


Attractions outside of the community (as well as “attractions” inside the community) are essential. Owning a luxury condo in Tampa encourages a more carefree lifestyle. Prospective homeowners would like love to live near water, great schools, restaurants, theaters, parks, venues, and more. This increases the appeal of the neighborhood.


According to National Association of Realtors, people tend to move every ten years; in the past, this number rested around every six to seven years. Not only does location affect a homeowner’s day-to-day life, it also affects their ability to resell the home if they so desire. Location determines how much your property will appreciate over time and whether your condo will be attractive to buyers in the future.

Marina Pointe: In the Heart of Tampa Bay

When it comes to luxury living, location is one of the most important factors. Choosing a luxury condo in Tampa located in the Westshore Marina District means you are investing in prime real estate. This 16-story waterfront high rise was designed with not only luxury but comfort and convenience in mind. For an abode that showers you with easy walkability, breathtaking views, unrivaled amenities, and maintenance-free living, reach out to our sales team.

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